Freitag, 29. August 2014

step-out for "kaurikunda6" by tina-akua hunziker, CZT

i'm so happy about this pattern . i like cowrie-shells, they reminde me of africa, where once they were valued as money, today for jewelry, ceremonies games. mostly i have one of them with me.i just like them around me, also in my livingplace.

and here the step-out for "kaurikunda4", which looks quiet diffrent.

i'm looking forward to read something of you. if  you make a zentangle with it, i would be so happy if you let me know.....and where i can see your tile. all the best and peaceful tangeling.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #182: "Stripes"

hi my dear blog-visitors. this challenge was a real challenge to me again. i started easy and happy, after about 30min., i thought it's just exactly how i sometimes use to feel about my life,  weared because of so many ideas.......after about one hour tangeling on it, i did not like it at all with the blue background. .but i was still a little bit happy, because the stripe which is like dancing through the middle, from left to right, is a variation of  "kaurikunda6" created by me, tina-akua hunziker. i'm so happy about this pattern, i gonna add the step-out and its story, in the following days, here on my blog.

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Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #181: "Water"

oh, water is one of my favorite things on this mother earth.
some people found out that it is more precious than gold. i recommend the film "bottled water" , i really love fresh spring-water. i lived in south of switzerland, up in the mountain i found the purest water i have ever felt on my skin, and sweet to drink. please respect the water and use it wisely.
dr. masaru emoto ( wrote 2 wonderful books about the spirit and power of water.

i was using marbled , blue paper. on my second tile you see a new pattern (in the left corner up, and a little right from the center) "trio" by hanny waldburger,CZT from switzerland

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Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #180: "UMT - MacDee by Anneke Van Dam"
....i like organic patterns, so i wanted to bring movement also in this tangle, which originally has straight lines and 90° angles. i choosed a renaissance-tile and used : pencil, black pigma micron 01 and 03, brown pigma micron 01, characol pencil, orange colour-pencil and white gelly roll pen.
the starting was a little bit hard, i almost wanted to give up....some strokes later i started to like this challenge more and more. also the result, i'm happy that i could  rescue least, that's how i see it.
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