Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Weekly Challenge #197: "New Official Tangle - Arukas"
Last weekend a new official tangle was announce in the Zentangle Newsletter - it's called Arukas... which is cleverly Sakura backwards!

what a great challenge, i love this pattern, and made some experiments in my zen-sketchbook, before the challenge was out:-). i like to share with you.....  i send only one page from about 3....and i gonna create an extra-tile for the challenge.

....ZIA with my new pattern "NIURODA", you finde the step-out here.

.....and my stones:
here the step-out for "NIURODA",i was inspiered by a postcard which i got from my aunt. i named it "NIURODA", because i like (to dance/fight) capoeira. we use to stand in a circle and 2 capoeiristas are performing in the center. that's what we call roda. because of zen the pattern became "NIURODA"

and here 2 ZIAs :

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

mein name ist tina-akua hunziker, ausgebildete zentangle-lehrerin (CZT), aus der freut mich sehr beim ersten zentangle®-challenge von mitzumachen. herzlichen dank an anya lothrop, CZT aus hamburg, dass sie diesen ins leben gerufen hat.
challenge= herausforderung
mit den mustern: RIXTY und MOOKA
hier zuerst aus meinem zentangle-zeichnungs-notizbuch:

....und noch einen versuch auf einer original zentangle-kachel:

wenn du noch andere eingaben zum challenge sehen möchtest clicke hier.

Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Weekly Challenge #195: "Turning Old into New" 
If you picked a grid-based pattern, pull it out of the grid and make it a freeform one. 
If it’s a freeform pattern, make it a grid-based pattern. That could mean several rows or a single row, drawn as a border.

i choosed "YUMA"

and all of a sudden i came to "RICK'S PARADOX" both of this patterns you can finde on
that's how it use to be with patterns and especially zentangle®, you are creating, but what comes out is a surprise.

i wish you a happy week.......peace starts within.

Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Weekly Challenge 194: “Embracing the Yuck”(=igittigitt)
your challenge is to tangle with your non-dominant hand (including shading and blending).

this challenge is an exercise i wanted to trie since long time, and i'm shure it's something healthy for people who like to be in a balance. i mean to do 90% of everything with my right hand....lifelong....that must have an unbalanced effect.
my experience, to tangle for the first time a zentangle® with my left hand, was great. because of the challenge i had a reason to go was a volonteer-struggle.
as patterns i choosed "crescent moon" (zentangle), which i drew so many times with my right hand already.
and the second pattern: "purlbox" (sandy steen bartholomew), my fist time to draw this pattern.

mmy signature came out mirror-inverted. an other interesting thing.

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Weekly Challenge #193

Another post by a wonderful Guest blogger!! here's the fabulous Holly Atwater, CZT! Weekly Challenge #193 : TriTangle : Trio, Huggins, & Xyp (THX)

the real challenge was XYP for me, HUGGINS i drawed in the CZT-seminar in june with holly. TRIO by hanny waldburger ( one of us 3 swiss-CZTs), this pattern is one of my favorites.

and i gave a second trie

Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Weekly Challenge #192: "UMT - Seton by Cris Letourneau"

Your challenge this week is to use Seton or a tangleation of it in your art this week OR deconstruct a pattern you see around you and use that in your art. Enjoy observing the patterns all around you.

o.k., the challenge fit, with what i really wanted to do this week: DECONSTRUCT A PATTERN.
i showed "ALABASTRO" last week. to desconstruct it, is far diffrent than to desconstruct "LEAFLET" by helen williams.....which is a very beautyful pattern too,  to see the step-out for "LEAFLET",go to see helen's blog:


i made also a tile with "SETON" by cris letourneau, CZT
SETON and ALABASTRO on a renaissance-tile, black and brown micron pigma, pencil, white charcoal pencil, caran d'ache colour pencil: green, yellow, red, blue, that's it.
if you leave a comment, i appreciate it. have a happy time.

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Weekly Challenge #191: "Monotangle: Betweed"

this weeks challenge is all about the tangle "BETWEED", 
a monotangle is a good reason to trie a black tile, i don't do that often.
i really liked it, especially when i added some blue with the colourpencil.
to see what other tanglers posted for this challenge, or to see the step- out for this nice pattern, click here, this pattern is created by the founders of zentangle, maria thomas and rick roberts.......wonderful teachers, wonderful people.

and then:

i had to trie an other black tile with a pattern i just discovered.
i found it on an amazing vase carved in alabaster.
please leave a message, if you know a similar pattern, and the name of it. i'm quiet shure that there is, especially because on the weekly challenge #186 "leaves" was the exercise.

till i hear from you, i call it:
and the step-out gonna follow.

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Weekly Challenge #190: "Pink for Ardath*"
true, i cheat a little, because this tile i made it about 2 weeks ago.
but i have the chance to be 1st., and give thanks to everybody who entered a tile for the weekly challenge #189, with "YUMA"

for this challenge we use pink, click here, to read why, and see what other tanglers entered.

this is  also my tangle:"KAURIKUNDA", with  bunzo.
i used black micron (01) and caran d'ache colour-pencil..

and here an other tile with "YUMA"

renaissance-tile, black and brown micron, pencil, white carbon-pencil, silver+gold+glitter-green gelly-roll.....time and breathing.
i wish you a happy week.

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

here my entries i created especially for:
Weekly Challenge #189: UMT "Yuma" by Tina-AKUA, CZT

i have entered a tile on place 11. already, i was, and i'm still so excited and happy that "YUMA" is the challenge of this week.
to see so many diffrent tiles from all over the world with "YUMA", it's a great honour.

thanks to everybody who tried "YUMA"....may be i won't make it to comment every entry, or sometimes the sending of my comment does not work. but i continue to look at the entries every day.

for who like to see what others contributed to the weekly challenge #189, click  here

again: big thanks to laura harms
your challenges help a lot to experience, that there are no limits.....or are there?

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Weekly Challenge #189: UMT "Yuma" by Tina-AKUA, CZT
I'm not going to lie, i was pretty happy to see Tina's tangle come up in the random generator this month.  I met Tina at the 15th CZT conference in Providence this year!

Me and Tina and her book of Diva Challenges!
i almost feel a little famous,....i'm joking, but the kind of surprise when i went to see what is the challenge of this week, wow, just really great. "YUMA" may look difficult when you started, but when you practiced a little, soon you'll finde a way to draw it in a meditative way, and after shading it,wow.
i want to enter something right now. so my "YUMA" is in combination with my newest pattern "STONESTORY", which i hope to see on , soon.


Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

"STONESTORY"  by tina- akua hunziker, CZT
i'm so happy to show you my step-out for "stonestory"
this pattern is connected to friends and to my lifestory. and i hope soon it gonna be on "tanglepatterns" soon.

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Weekly Challenge #188: National Coming Out Day
Daniel(12 years old) told me (laura harms/ i 
am the diva) that October 11th is National Coming Out Day.  Daniel's friend is gay, and so he wanted me to help him support his friend and to issue a challenge with a LGBT theme. 

i contribute my tile for this challenge because i like rainbows, and because when ever i was really in love, i could not really decide be in love is a feeling. so i guess, somebody who is gay, he feels attracted by somebody who has the same sex.....i don't know why, but i know it happens. so to force him to love a woman, i just think it's not case you are not gay, turn it around: would it be possible to force you to love a man (if you yourself are man already)?
so  here my tile, because only true love can be love.

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Weekly Challenge #187: "String Theory - Blind String"                                  

To begin, draw your dots and your border. 

Then put your pencil somewhere on the tile (i put mine by the edge of the tile) and close your eyes and draw a string...blind.

i really like this challenge, the stringpart is so important for a zentangle.
i used the tangle i created some months ago: kaurikunda
and the one for which i made the step-out in sept. 2014: yuma
you finde the step-outs on my blog, or

and on the right side you see : trio,created by hanny waldburger, CZT.
trio is one of my favorite tangles, since i know it, i use it almost in every zentangle or ZIA i do. to see the step-out for trio click here.

Montag, 22. September 2014


thanks to lily for this great pattern.
it has a lot of variation-possibilities.
for the step-out you can click here.

Freitag, 19. September 2014

i gonna finde a special name for them or does anybody have a suggestion?

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Weekly Challenge #185: DuoTangle - Phicops vs DivaDance

i like both of this patterns a lot. so it was not easy for me to decide which variation of combination i tangle for the challenge.....but that's what came out:

thanks for looking at my challenge-enter. if you like to trie new patterns, i just added the step-outs for kaurikunda and yuma on my blog. i wish you a nice happy week with anough time for tangeling.

Yuma by tina-akua hunziker, CZT®
this is my second pattern. yuma is a north-american-indian name and means: son of the chief.
i just like the sound and meaning a lot. you never know, if what you discovered is a new pattern, somewhere in the world somebody drawed it already may be.....or next day you finde this your "new pattern" on a table-cloth in a friends house. anyway, i made a zendala in spring-time, lisa (she's a CZT 15 too....that would be an other story), asked me   about the name of the pattern in this zendala.

that's how i discovered my own pattern.thanks to lisa, if not her , may be i would never have made a step-out for yuma. and thanks to l, any tangle i finde it's new and i make a step-out, i like it to be tested and registered by linda.

kaurikunda by tina-akua hunziker, CZT
i  call this pattern kaurikunda, because kauri is the german spelling for cowrie-shell, kunda means family in wolof, one of many west-african-languages.since i started to like african music, since then i use them as juwel, to make games.....and i just like to have them around me. if you like to read more about,go on
i wish you a happy tangeling.

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Weekly Challenge #184: "New Official Tangle: ING by Molly"

oh, that was an other real challenge. my "ing" almost disappeared....but it was there.
if you like to see what others contributed to the weekly challenge #184, click here.

Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Weekly Challenge #183: "UMT - X-Did" by Annette Carlo
if you like to see what others have done for this challenge, click here

Freitag, 29. August 2014

step-out for "kaurikunda6" by tina-akua hunziker, CZT

i'm so happy about this pattern . i like cowrie-shells, they reminde me of africa, where once they were valued as money, today for jewelry, ceremonies games. mostly i have one of them with me.i just like them around me, also in my livingplace.

and here the step-out for "kaurikunda4", which looks quiet diffrent.

i'm looking forward to read something of you. if  you make a zentangle with it, i would be so happy if you let me know.....and where i can see your tile. all the best and peaceful tangeling.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #182: "Stripes"

hi my dear blog-visitors. this challenge was a real challenge to me again. i started easy and happy, after about 30min., i thought it's just exactly how i sometimes use to feel about my life,  weared because of so many ideas.......after about one hour tangeling on it, i did not like it at all with the blue background. .but i was still a little bit happy, because the stripe which is like dancing through the middle, from left to right, is a variation of  "kaurikunda6" created by me, tina-akua hunziker. i'm so happy about this pattern, i gonna add the step-out and its story, in the following days, here on my blog.

if you like to see what other creativ people contributed to the challenge #182, click here iamthedivachallenge#182

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #181: "Water"

oh, water is one of my favorite things on this mother earth.
some people found out that it is more precious than gold. i recommend the film "bottled water" , i really love fresh spring-water. i lived in south of switzerland, up in the mountain i found the purest water i have ever felt on my skin, and sweet to drink. please respect the water and use it wisely.
dr. masaru emoto ( wrote 2 wonderful books about the spirit and power of water.

i was using marbled , blue paper. on my second tile you see a new pattern (in the left corner up, and a little right from the center) "trio" by hanny waldburger,CZT from switzerland

if you like to see what others added to the challenge:

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Weekly Challenge #180: "UMT - MacDee by Anneke Van Dam"
....i like organic patterns, so i wanted to bring movement also in this tangle, which originally has straight lines and 90° angles. i choosed a renaissance-tile and used : pencil, black pigma micron 01 and 03, brown pigma micron 01, characol pencil, orange colour-pencil and white gelly roll pen.
the starting was a little bit hard, i almost wanted to give up....some strokes later i started to like this challenge more and more. also the result, i'm happy that i could  rescue least, that's how i see it.
too see what others contributed to the challenge:The Diva's Weekly Zentangle Challenge