Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Challenge #171

Beads of Courage

This is my second tile iI did for the Challenge #171 of Laura Harms,I am the diva.
I like beads, it's like they show up a lot in my life.I use to create juwellery,as gifts or to to sell them.


  1. Hi, Akua. Your ZIA is beautiful. You have a very delicate sense of composition, and beautiful drawing skill. Congratulations on your pending enrollment for CZT training in Providence, RI. You will be a wonderful CZT.

    1. Hi David,I made diffrent posts for you allready today. ihope you got something....i don't see them anywhere.thanks for your comment,good to recieve words like this from somebody who contributed one of my favorite tiles, to the challenge #171.

  2. Hi David,thanks a lot.That you look at my blog and write a comment. Your tile of the challenge #171, with this tile you show something that can't be said in words.I look at many of your tiles with a lot of respect.I wish you and your family all the best know, I'm thinking about, what you are passing through after your son has left this life.