Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

I am the Diva-Challenge #168

Tangleation: RAIN (2. Tile)


  1. Antworten
    1. dear agnes,i have seen your "RAIN"-tangle already before,i couldn't see where to leave a compliment for you.may be you know how much i like rainbow-colours,and how they are part of your tangle from challenge#168,it fits.i'm happy to see something like that in the challenge.magic, akua

  2. I love how on both of your tiles you seem to have fed the other tangles into the teeth of Rain, very clever idea :) Linda x

  3. Both tiles are gorgeous, I like the curvy lines in the first one and the shading in the second is great.

  4. Your work on both tiles is amazing, love your textures and the flow in both your challenge tiles. Beautiful work!

  5. Hello, I've just been looking at your tiles and I must say they are all very beautiful; flowing and balanced. You certainly have talent!

  6. thanks a lot for your comments.i start to prepare for the czt-seminar in rhode island,and i'm using most of my evenings to create zentangle-inspiered art to be ready to go to an art-market in august.that's why i'm not sending so many comments to other blogs.but when i look through the challenge-tiles,wow,so many of you people are making this art to be special.iwish you all the best,the day will come and i will take more time to write comments.